What We Do

As your partner in Business and Technology, we can provide your company with the full range of IT services, so you can focus on your business.  Everything from Website and Email hosting to Virtualization and Cloud Services.

Our company specializes in the following areas:

Virtualization Technologies using VMWare Products

Unix and Linux, including any SCO/UnXis operating systems, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, etc...

Network Security including Dell SonicWALL Firewalls, SSL VPN Remote Access, etc...

  • Full-time Microsoft Certified System Engineers and Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff.
  • Hybrid or Private Cloud or Virtualization at your office.
  • Dell SonicWALL Firewall installation and maintenance.
  • Support your SCO/UnXis Environments better than anyone.
  • Set up office VPNs to allow remote connectivity securely.
  • Service all Microsoft Windows, including Windows XP, 7, 8, Windows 2008/2012 Server.

Installation & Troubleshooting

Our engineers are experts when it comes to installation & troubleshooting of equipment and networks.  Onsite as well as remote installation is available nationwide through our network of field installation teams.  For large deployments, equipment can be staged at our facility and shipped with your configuration, ready to run upon delivery.  Additionally, through the use of the latest remote diagnostic tools, we are able to provide remote support to any location with an internet connection.